It Is About You #AboutU Creative BiH Youth On Euro-Atlantic Integration

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Youth from across BiH: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Goražde, Tuzla, Kakanj, Mostar, Živinice, Gradačac, Ljubuški and Laktaši attended the first production workshop held in Tuzla as one of the activities of the It is About You (#AboutU) project. The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy in BiH and implemented by the organization Ja BiH u EU. The Institute for Youth Development KULT and Munja Incubator are friends of the project. The workshop was conducted by Elmir Jukić, a director and Academy professor. 

The workshop started with an introduction to film and theater directing, the first directors, the basics of directing and filmmaking terminology. The participants also learned about the importance of character building in film. Jukić talked to participants about the differences between a frame, scene and sequence, which will be very helpful for them in their future activities within the project.

The goal of the workshops is to teach young people to produce video stories and use them to share their opinions about important issues in BiH.

The group was very dynamic and diverse. Investing in learning something new and gaining experience is always worthwhile. Every project that offers this is always interesting and motivating for me as an individual and professional. I wanted to get involved because I feel it’s a noble cause that makes absolute sense - said Elmir Jukić.

At the end of the workshop, the participants chose their topics, and each of the five teams with work on presenting their creative vision on Euro-Atlantic integration in democracy, rule of law, human rights, economy.

- The workshop was excellent, such a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. We learned about producing and directing, and the topics we chose for our group work, said Mihajlo Pašić.

- I’m happy we had a chance to learn from an acclaimed director who gave us a lot of advice we can use for the project. I’m looking forward to spending the next few months producing and directing a video with my team dealing with Euro-Atlantic integration. It will help me improve my film-making skills, said Kristina Gadže.

- I’m glad we had a chance to learn something new about the history of theater and directing and all the elements of filmmaking. Our lecturer is a treasure trove of knowledge, and it was an honor to attend his workshop. This workshop, and the one that will soon be held in Mostar, will be very helpful to us. The practical knowledge about film and production will be used to produce video material on the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration, said Haris Harbaš.

Workshops will continue in Mostar, and the next one will be conducted by Pjer Žalica. It is About You (#AboutU) is a chance for young people in BiH to produce short videos that show their perspective on topics relevant to youth.

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