Institute for Youth Development KULT is currently delivering the training course UMiD (Learn, Think and Act!??) for the 9th generation of participants. UMiD is a certified training programme designed for youth leaders, during which the participants are becoming the citizens who willingly take the initiative, express their opinions and actively participate in the decision making process taking place in their own community. During the training course, young people develop the sense of teamwork, solidarity, creativity, communication, and many other competencies they need for participating in the society, but also for employment.


„A man is young until he is not afraid to commence.” – is a quote by bh. Writer Meša Selimovi?. A month ago, the realization of local civil initiatives by the 9th generation of UMiD started. Youth from 9 local communities have shown that they are willing to start solving youth problems in their local community. In this way they can partially be involved in decision-making processes concerning them. The project team has in the last couple of days visited the remaining 4 local communities: Livno, Novi Grad Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Lukavac. To recall, we have already visited Mostar, Zenica and Gradiška, as well as Tuzla and Trebinje.


As you have had a chance to read earlier, the project team has within the realization of civil initiatives visited Mostar, Zenica and Gradiška municipalities and further, Tuzla Municipality and Trebinje.


As part of the implementation of civic initiatives, the Project Team members visited three local communities: Mostar, Zenica and Gradiška, in which the participants of the training course UMiD (Learn, Think and Act!) had successfully started tackling youth issues in their local communities.


During the eight module of the training course UMiD, the participants learned what public advocacy is, why it is important and how to advocate their rights and the rights of marginalised groups in the society.


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