On August 28th, German Embassy Representative in BiH, Jens Wagner, visited the Institute’s central office in Sarajevo. During the meeting with Mr Wagner, activities implemented by the Institute concerning youth position in BiH were presented. UMiD training course was also presented as a course contributing active participation of youth in social events and decision-making processes. The support provided to youth by the Institute was also presented through IUVENTA youth magazine, which has youth in its redaction and whose opinion we care for. The ability and desire of youth to design political life in BiH were presented within the frame of the initiative Youth Decide on Democracy, which will certainly be active in the following year


“The youth is the hope of our future”. We have heard such platitudes countless times. Unfortunately, mere words is where is all ends. Then we are back at the beginning. Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the youth unemployment rate is over 60%, and the rate of those who are uninformed and uninterested is even higher, know that there are only two options: leaving B&H (as 78% of youth in B&H wishes to do), or stay, acquire knowledge and competences outside the formal education system, expand your horizons and fight for change.


The Institute for Youth Development KULT is launching an Internal Call for Civil Initiative Proposals for the leaders of the UMiD Alumni network. The details of the internal call are as follows:


Only a few days remain until the UMiD Alumni network is established. Learn, Think and Act! (UMiD) gives youth the opportunity to actively participate in their communities. You must be wondering how. During the one-year training course and 10 workshops on different topics, such as civil activism, volunteering, youth policy, public advocacy, teamwork, etc., youth were given an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge they will use throughout their lives. By developing their sensitivity to social issues, changing attitudes and overcoming prejudices, we strengthen the partnership between them, as well as their self-confidence. UMiD participants become citizens who voluntarily take steps to change the society they live in, express their opinions and actively participate in the process of making decisions concerning their community.


Successful youth for a successful country was the title of the conference with 120 young participants from B&H and the region. The purpose of the conference was the forming of a network of youth leaders UMiD Alumni, which will include participants of the UMiD and BEEHIVE training courses. Why did we decide to form such a network? Over 400 young people who completed these two training courses are the driving force of society, capable of recognising current issues and influencing them by advocating changes in society. UMiD training course participants include councilors in local councils, politicians, presidents of non-governmental organisations, scholarship holders from prestigious universities. 


They come from ten local communities from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of them started youth organisations. Some had the opportunity to volunteer in public institutions and private businesses. Some say their life changed completely. Some of them had never before met their peers from other Entities. Many of them had previously advocated a stronger voice of youth in their local communities. 


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