The Superbus, a mobile and educational programme of the SOS Kinderdorf, celebrated its 11th birthday that was attended by the children from The School of Friendship. On this occasion, the Superbus team prepared different creative workshops, sports and entertainment games for all children. As a birthday present, we prepared nice birthday cards for them, made by the attendants of The School of Friendship.

Our birthday boys and girls demonstrated their hospitality by treating our attendants with sandwiches and sweets. With sincere wishes to continue our positive cooperation with the SOS Superbus, we once again wish them a happy birthday.

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In collaboration with the Association Kupujmo i koristimo doma?e (Buy and Use Domestic Products) the attendants of the School of Friendship had the opportunity to visit factories Sinalco and Milkos today. The aim of visit was to introduce the children with the process of producing milk and juice, in order to develop awareness on purchasing domestic products.

Polite staff welcomed them at the very entrance to Sinalco and Milkos, and as proper guides, they took them on a tour through both factories. First they visied Milkos, where the children were introduced with the whole process of packing milk and acquiring dairy products. Then the children had the opportunity to learn the meaning of different colours on milk containers and facts on importance of milk and dairy products in out diet. Then we visited Sinalco, where we also observed the process of making juice and finally packing it in different packaging. 

In the end of our visit, the hosts treated us with juice and sweets, where we continued our discussion on the significance of purchasing domestic products and once again confirmed that through purchase of domestic products we support the development of BiH economy and provide better living conditions for us all. 

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Dear parents and attendees of courses for children,

We hereby inform you that during July and August there will be no courses of English and German language for children. 

You will be informed timely on the commencement of classes. 


Sincerely yours,

School of Friendship


The Management of SFF handed out tickets for two film projections to attendants of the School of Friendship this year as well. Tuesday, 18 August, was reserved for the projection of the film The Invisible Boy, which led the children to the world of superheroes and superpowers. The second film, in which the kids equally enjoyed, was the cartoon Song of the Sea, an account of two brave children who set off to an epic journey to save the world from magic and uncover the secret of their past. Before the projections, as a part of the SFF, the attendants of the School of Friendship enjoyed the magic performance of a magician, as well as in thematic face-painting. Particular attention was rewarded to Lino the bear and the children patiently waited their turn to take pictures with him. The kids did not hide their excitement with the content offered by the SFF, and are already looking forward to the next festival.

Once more, we express our gratitude to the staff of the SFF and hope to enjoy the children's programme in years to come.




The rainy Sunday and overcast sky was appropriate for the attendants of the School of Friendship to visit the Youth Theatre where they saw a play about pirates entitled Captain John Peoplefox. The children enjoyed watching retired pirats fight a sea monster called the Seven-headed Dragon, but also realising what true values in life are (pirate hangouts and friendships, and not the infinite smartphone games that lead to antisocial behavior and selfishness).

Thrilled with the play, the attendants of the School of Friendship, along with the audience who were present, awarded the actors with a loud applause. Their elation was obvious even after the play when they asked each other questions about particular scenes in the play they found to be especially funny.





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