The School of Friendship finished its annual activities last week. After spending time together for 9 months and organising almost 160 workshops with 400 hours of learning and socialising, and around 10 field trips, summer vacation, eagerly expected by attendants and mentioned with joy since winter holidays, is finally here. In the last week, besides the regular activities, learning and games, the attendants spent time at the Thermal Riviera of IlidĹľa, and at the Municipality of IlidĹľa, for the purpose of introducing themselves with the activities of local authorities. On this occasion we thank the kind employees of the Municipality of IlidĹľa that cordially hosted us at the Municipality building and invited us to a pleasant conversation with the employees of the Service for Education, Culture, Sports and Information.

Overall, June was the month of playing out in the open, drawing with chalk, learning dance choreographies, volleyball, soccer, and English language. We particularly mention the delicious barbecue we organised for the celebration of the ending of the annual activities of The School of Friendship. So here we thank the chain of butcheries Mujani? for providing The School of Friendship with (more than) enough quality and delicious ?evap?i?i. J

We greet everyone from The School of Friendship and invite you to join us the following year in our quest for new knowledge, friendships and games.

Enjoy the June photos!

Mubina, Amra, Ajla, Hana, DĹľenana, Edisa, Amina, Admira, Muamera and numerous other volunteers of The School of Friendship send you their warmest regards!


Last weekend, at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, a Clown workshop was held for the volunteers of The School of Friendship. By the way, Clown workshops are organised by the Association Heart Full of Smiles, headed by the famous Sarajevo clown Saša. In the end of this 2-day workshop, the volunteers were very pleased with what they have learned and the excellent time they spent with Saša the Clown and, as the volunteers added, his guitar. The aim of the workshop was for the volunteers to acquire necessary skills and knowledge for a relaxed, interesting and productive work with children. The Heart Full of Smiles team introduced the volunteers with numerous games that they will use in their future work with children. What definitely marked those 2 days in SPAJALICA were the lyrics of the song we left for the end, as a message from The School of Friendship: "Hug someone every day, give love every day, carry your smile every day, and true happiness will not be far away... Love, love, every day, learn, read, every day..." 


The second English language course was held at The school of Friendship. the children continued with the lessons they started last time. Since the attendants of the English language course now attend the course divided into two groups, the 3rd and the 4th grade students, now they can work on their homework together, learn and practice texts according to the curriculum. On this workshop they learned terms for rooms, among other things, that in The School of Friendship, they meet at the "workshop room". Now they can say "up", "down", "in the middle" or that the English language course is held on "each Saturday", and that they attend the group "on Monday - Wednesday" or on "Tuesday - Thursday". They learned to express their emotions, say that they are "hungry" of "thirsty". Now they know that it is currently „winter“ and that it is "snowing" outside. Greetings from The School of Friendship :)


“This is great, when will we be visiting again?” are the words of one of the 43 attendants of The School of Friendship that spent their Sunday, 21 November, at the Thermal Riviera of Ilidža. The attendants got to know each other better on that day, played in the water, spent time together. Even though most children knew how to swim, those who did not, learned from the volunteers who were in charge of them. Besides, the volunteers involved in The School of Friendship attended the educational workshops for working with children, held by the Pedagogist Alena Velagi? and Sister Magdalena Schildknecht, Psychologist and Pedagogist and President of the Narco-No Association. After swimming, the participants moved to the second area of the Thermal Riviera Complex. In the tropical garden, a karaoke show was organised, with awards for the best singers. While some were ashamed and lacked courage to step in front of the audience and sing, others held the microphone like actual professionals and bravely sung their favourite songs.

The free-of-charge entrance to the Thermal Riviera for all 43 attendants and 13 volunteers was provided by the management of this socially responsible company that takes care of youth. Their staff was at the disposal of both the children and the volunteers at all times. On this occasion, we thank them on behalf of all the children that walked out of the Thermal Riviera of IlidĹľa that day smiling, happy and with new friends. 


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