Sunny weather and the shining smiles of the participants of The School of Friendship were everything we needed during the past few days. The participants of The School of Friendship, between 7 and 10 years of age, regularly visit the Educational-Leisure Youth Centre SPAJALICA where they spend their time that makes sense. They do a variety of interesting things that relax and make them happy. Since they are offered plentiful activities carried out by our volunteers, they are never bored.

We took the advantage of the nice weather and had great fun. A meadow, grass, a ball and a chalk, was there anything else to ask for? One of the most appealing activities on which we spent most of our time was drawing on the paved surfaces. This was a chance for our young future stars to show their creativity and talent. These were the drawings of various schools, favourite cartoon characters, houses and even of our SPAJALICA. Of course, one could also see the hearts of our beloved volunteers.

To make the things sound even better, we all enjoyed every single moment spent there.

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Children are well familiar with the golden rule and that is if you make a promise, you have to keep it. During the past two weeks, students attending The School of Friendship expressed their desire for more games, of course, we made their wish come true. After they did their homework, we were ready to start playing games. We played some of their favorite games such as Musical statues, The City of Palermo, Winking...

Due to poor weather, we did not go out, so while playing we spent some time enhancing creativity. We made plasticine figurines, we used flowers to make jewelry, we designed our own t-shirts, made some drawings. One of our drawing topics was all about the Earth Day. Following the conversation about the celebration of this day, students attending The School of Friendship created nature drawings including the things they can do to preserve the environment. Moreover, we tried to come up with and draw the Earth Flag. The kids had a great time and they did their best to show their imagination and creativity.



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Bit by bit, and the 2nd term of this school year commenced. The attendants of The School of Friendship, as in the previous term, attended the workshops regularly with backpacks full of books, homework, drawings, and other school tasks. With the help of our volunteers, all the tasks were sucessfully resolved with joined forces, games and happy children's song. The workshops were filled with new games prepared by the volunteers. Due to the weather, we were not able to play outside (a feet of snow is a lot of snow), but we promise to go back to nature on the first sunny day to make a Snowman! 

One of our diligent and happy attendants wished to celebrate her 9th birthday at SPAJALICA. Wish granted! Yesterday we had a real children's party with a beautiful cake, excellent friends, awesome games and dancing feet. We thank Belma for the cake and other sweets and wish her a happy and healthy 9th birthday and many, many more! See you back on Monday, for another week of friendship...



As the attendants of The School of Friendship are used to having our socializations and workshops imbued with fun, games, learning and being extremely interesting and happy, so we justify it with every new activity. The attendants, together with their facilitators, prepared a manifestation for 8 March, International Women’s Day. A rich and interesting cultural and entertaining programme that was devised and prepared by our kids, was presented at SPAJALICA to our honourable guests, i.e. mothers of our attendants.

At the beginning of the manifestation, the volunteers emphasized in their introductory section the historical facts on the 8 March. The attendants of The School of Friendship recited their favourite poems, after which they performed a play entitled What to Give to a Mother, How to Make Her Happy? The message of the play is that a rose, a carnation or some other flower will make absolutely nothing for a better position of a woman in the society, her workplace, or even in her own home, it will not provide her with the necessary respect or an equal treatment. Insisting on equal rights of men and women, raising voice against gender discrimination and violating rights to work, acquire education, a life without violence, raising voice against violation of liberties and advocating the rights of women, should be honoured throughout the year. 8 March should just be a crown of a fair relationship towards a woman throughout the year, and not as a day when a mother/girlfriend/friend is presented with the deserved attention.  

At the end of the manifestation, the diligent kids were awarded with appraisals for having successfully played their roles! 



The golden rule with children is to fulfil what you promise them. The team of The School of Friendship promised they would watch the animated film "Puss in Boots" in 3D and of course, they fulfiled their promise. A foggy morning did not bother the attendants of The School of Friendship because they knew they would be going to the movies on that day. Some of them had never been in a movie theatre before, so the trip was a special experience. As it happens in a movie theare, first you buy the tickets and then popcorn and juice, and we were also given glasses for the movie at the entrance in the hall. They were special, as though especially made for children. 

One of the comments of the children was: "Woooow... how wonderful it is to watch a movie with these glasses, it looks as though the cat is here with us in the hall!" The excitement on the faces of attendants of The School of Frindship was evident throughout the projection. When the movie ended, the attendants talked about it and the legandary cat.

The next promise to fulfil is to visit the ice-skating arena again. Of course, that will happen soon as well. 


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