The School of Friendship has continued working even after the end of the school year. We have found wonderful locations in the park surrounding SPAJALICA where children can express their creativity, enjoy the fresh air, pleasant sun rays and good company. We painted old stumps with watercolors and tempera paints, which attracted the attention of passersby. The participants demonstrated their artistic skills while designing and making clay dolls, after which they held an exhibition called Pinocchio. We are planning to visit Sarajevo Film Festival and a trip to the Bosna River Spring.

Since everyone is welcome at The School of Friendship, we made huge foot steps leading from the pedestrian bridge to the entrance of SPAJALICA in order to compel the interest of everyone who passes by. This is the way to show that the participants are not only young children, but the future force of BiH, who spend their leisure time in a pleasant way that makes sense!


Summer is here and a great deal of joy as well. On Wednesday, 20 June, the participants of The School of Friendship visited the outdoor pools of Thermal Riviera IlidĹľa together with the volunteers from SPAJALICA. These happy hours, sunny weather, cheerful games and a pleasant company put a smile on the children's faces. After lunch-time, the participants happily left for home.





In order to teach kids to value and experience singing through musical activities which contribute to developing skills, self-expression and personal growth, the team members of The School of Friendship welcomed the children's choir PRINCESS KROFNE (PRINCESS DOUGHNUTS). The members of the choir sang many famous children's songs and entertained the participants of The School of Friendship who enjoyed being part of the fun of singing music together.

PRINCESS KROFNE offered so much more than just sharing and enjoyment of great voices and music.

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The participants of The School of Friendship visited last week the Kid's Festival which is the largest independent youth event in South East Europe. The Kid's Festival's motto promotes the initiative of the Council of Europe "All different, all equal" and over 40,000 children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina participate each year. The widespread program provides diversity by combining entertainment and education. Our little participants enjoyed workshops, quizzes, games, performances, dance acts… they had lots of fun and there were many things for them to learn.


Due to cold and rainy days, our workshops were held inside the premises of SPAJALICA. Of course, the first thing we focused on was to do homework, learn letters and numbers with our youngest members. During each workshop organised last week, we spent most of our time developing the creativity and imagination of our kids. After all the hard work and active engagement, the children were awarded.

On Sunday, we organised a special gathering at our SPAJALICA. Namely, the kids enjoyed watching the cartoon The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This is a story about a boy who experienced various adventures together with his friends. Therefore, the TEAM of The School of Friendship is planning to engage in the upcoming adventures in The House of Friendship for Kids.

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