Our remodeled workshop and activities planned for summer break are well worth of being presented to the parents of the School of Friendship participants. In the afternoon hours SPAJALICA was visited by the parents, who were presented with our plans for the summer. We informed the parents about activities planned for the School of Friendship, whose aim it is to help participants spend their free time engaged in fun and meaningful activities. Once the presentation was finished, we agreed on a new schedule, considering that the school year is drawing to a close. We ended the visit by visiting the workshop so the parents could see where the participants of the School of Friendship will be spending their time from now on.

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After doing homework and talking about their day at school, we started crafting something nice by using old, discarded things and making them into something beautiful to decorate our workshop and keep us entertained. An old pizza box served as our inspiration. We soaked balls made of toilet paper in a solution of wall paint and glued them onto the box. When it dried we coloured the balls and in no time it took the appearance of a real frame. An old Twister board provided us with a hand to make a little whimsical clock and put into our frame. Our clock does not show time, it serves as a reminder of something very important. Every time we glanced at it, it would answer in the spirit of  the School of Friendship: no matter what the clock shows, we always have time for friends.


As part of the project School of friendship an audition for Little acting school was held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. Successful applicants were 1st to 5th grade students of primary schools from IlidĹľa Municipality. Acting classes will take part on two different occasions, with two different groups, on Mondays and Wednesdays.








Spring came, nature is waking up - it is warmer and cosier outside. This inspired us to freshen up our walls for School of Friendship attendants in Educational-Leisure Centre SPAJALICA. Different cartoon characters came to life in our walls, which brought smiles to our attendants’ faces. We welcomed the Sun and organized a small party. At the beginning, the attendants competed in dance and had a lot of fun, in addition to getting to know each other. Some of them blew our minds while dancing. There was also a piñata, filled with candies. Our workshop’s new look can be seen in the pictures below.   

spajalica spajalica 2

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The participants of the School of Friendship staged a New Year's play Santa Claus doesn't stray from the path. The performance was held on 27 December, in the Multimedia Room, in IlidĹľa.

At the end of the play, Santa Claus gave presents to the cheerful kids.

The School of Friendship participants usually spend their time at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA doing meaningful things. The time they spend at SPAJALICA is dedicated to pursuing self-actualisation and socialisation, as well as to overcoming prejudices and making contact with their peers.



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