On Earth Day, the attendees of the School of Friendship rolled up their sleeves and started planting flowers in the garden of SPAJALICA. First they prepared the ground for planting and then they started working.

During this week, an ECO-ART workshop for children was held, that was in fact a combination of ecologic topics and creative painting. Through this workshop, the attendees of the School of Friendship had the opportunity to acquire plenty of information about the importance of recycling and the possibilities of reusing wasted materials. In accordance with all they had learned, the attendees used their knowledge to design giftbags from the scrap material they previously gathered.

After that, we drew the planet on a large drawing paper and wrote different eco-messages on how we can protect out planet Earth and the environment. 

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Our little merry gang from the School of Friendship visited the SOS Social Centre Hermann Gmeiner today. We were greeted by 3 youth workers and several children whom the School of Friendship attendants befriended today. As a part of the regular workshops, the attendants of the Friendship School worked meticulously on a gift that would put smiles on the hosts' faces and that they presented on the occasion. The attendants of the School of Friendship were entertained with a creative workshop that lasted for an hour and a half, and with two fun games that they never played before and that were unusual, which made them even more interesting.

In the following period, we will continue to work on developing these types of visits, our friendship and cooperation with the SOS Social Centre.




When little hands join together, anything is possible! In a pleasant, fun, but also educational atmosphere of SPAJALICA a workshop about cooking was held for children as a part of the School of Friendship. The children had the opportunity to actively participate in the process of preparing and decorating delicious treats according to the recipes prepared for them by the School of Friendship. So, they made treats such as sweet rolls and chocolate coconut truffles. In the end, the children enjoyed the delicious treats they all made together and tea.

For a glimpse of the atmosphere, take a look at the photo gallery.

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The starters of the School of Friendship spent the first day of spring enjoying a spring stroll and visiting the Cinema City movie theatre. This time we chose for them an interesting family movie Paddington full of humorous adventures of a nice Peruan bear on his trip to London in search of a new home. The children were thrilled to follow the adventures and misadventures of the little bear in a red hat who simply won their hearts. Of course, children also made numerous comments and cute remarks during the screening: „This bear is so smart“, „Don't trust the lady taxidermist“, „Paddington, what a cool name.“

Dear parents, we have to admit your children enjoyed it! And we are very pleased to say so.




The children from the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA participated in the second Kids Kin?urijada, held in Dom mladih in Sarajevo this past Saturday. 


The Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, and the Kids Kin?urijada, aim to educate and provide entertainment to children, so the Kin?urijada was a perfect opportunity for the kids from SPAJALICA to engage in different entertaining activities. 

The Kids kin?urijada is a special event for children, even more so considering the fact that the topic of this year's Kin?urijada was ecology with emphasis on teaching young children about proper garbage disposal practices, reusing materials and recycling. Since we could not talk to kids directly about such a serious topic, we addressed it in a more age-appropriate manner through educational workshops including painting, drawing and making costumes from recycled material which the kids wore proudly, said Sunita Koristovi?, coordinator of SPAJALICA's «Info ta?ka». 

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The children from the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA and the youngest participants of the School of Friendship took part in educational workshops on ecology and a music and dance workshop “Be a DJ”. 

The day was filled with fun activities and culminated in a party for the kids, during which the best three costumes were selected. 


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