In 2013, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports conducted a survey on the position and needs of youth in FBiH. The survey, titled “Towards a Youth Policy in FBiH” was published in December 2013 in Bosnian, and several days ago an English version was published as well (access it here).

The data presented in the survey are a wake up call of sorts, for both the government at all levels and for youth. The survey yielded disconcerting data on the position of youth in FBiH. The fact that 67% of youth are unemployed speaks volumes of the position youth are in. Another significant problem is the lack of alignment of the education system and the labour market which creating professionals who are not competitive in the labour market. This state of affairs leaves room for informal education, which could fill the gaps left after completing formal education. However, another persistent problem is the fact that employers, institutions, etc. do not recognize informal education as completely valid.

It is important to emphasise the misconception related to youth voter turnout. Youth comprise 21.4% of the electorate, and 54.6% of them voted during the October 2012 elections, which is close to the general voter turnout of 56.6%.

It should also be noted that the perception of “eternal students” is groundless. The average age of students in BiH is 20.6 years, which is not significantly different from the corresponding average in EU member states.

The survey shows that all elements of society must participate in improving the position of youth in BiH. 


The Institute for Youth Development KULT organised four focus groups in Ilidža over the past weekend (22 – 23 June, 2013), the results of which will be used in creating youth policies at cantonal and federal levels. The young participants from FBiH discussed topics relevant to them: education, employment, mobility, health care, leisure, social policies, etc. Their attitudes on these topics will be of great value in creating a youth strategy in FBiH and Sarajevo Kanton.

The participants came from different backgrounds: pupils, students, (un)employed youth, youth with different marital statuses, differing levels of civic engagement. It is precisely this diversity that paints the true picture of youth in FBiH.

The focus groups were organised as part of the initiative Podrška mladima u Federaciji BiH implemented by the Institute with the support of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.


At the Federal Government of BiH a promotion was held of The Analysis of States and Requirements of Youth in the Federation of BiH in 2013 on Friday, 13 December 2013 at 1 pm. The analysis od states and requirements in FBiH is the first comprenhensive document drafted to include research on youth in FBiH and analysis of their position through several areas of the highest importance for the youth. 

This analysis was prepared in close collaboration between the governmental and non-governmental sector, or, more precisely, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The research is based on the legislative requirements that result from the Youth Law of FBiH and it was conducted as a starting basis to develop a youth strategy in FBiH.

During the research, special attention was provided that the resulting data can be simply classified by areas that are key for youth population: education, employment, health care, social policy, informing, participation in social life, etc. Problems and requirements were defined that should be the starting point for institutions that have in their jurisdiction some of the mentioned areas  to create specific youth programmes, with concrete measures for their effective handling. The presentation of the results of the research can be seen HERE.

Representatives from governmental and non-governmental sector attended the promotion, along with the municipal and cantonal councils of FBiH, that are legal representatives of youth.