The Institute for Youth Development KULT, as a member of the BRANA Network, promoted its activities during the weekend. 

During their visit to the info-stand, raised in one of the shopping malls in IlidĹľa, the citizens had the opportunity to find out how to acquire report results on the sanation of areas flooded in May 2014. The free telephone line 080050506 was also promoted as a means of reporting misuse of allocated funds, and for sharing positive success stories from local communities related to renovation of the flooded areas.  Gra?ani su prilikom posjete info štandu, koji je bio postavljen u jednom od trgova?kih centara na  

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is one of the members of "BRANA" Network that follows and analyzes the process of renovating damages in the total of 78 flood-devastated communities. The Network continuously gathers data on funds intended for renovation, their expenditure and informs the public regularly on the process on its website .

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Representatives of 23 civil society organizations that comprise the ‘BRANA’ Network held the 4th working meeting to discuss the previous working experiences. Primarily, representatives discussed the results that will soon be gathered in the first report on examining the expenditure of donations intended for recovery from floods. Besides, a lecture was held on techniques and approach to monitoring that the NGOs are conducting in their local communities. In addition to this, the public campaign of ‘BRANA’ Network continues, aiming towards informing the public on the importance of participating in the process of determining the expenditure of donations by the further distribution of promotional material in over 70 municipalities in BiH that were flooded. A lecture on techniques and approaches to monitoring conducted by the non-governmental organizations in their local communities was also held. 




The 'BRANA' Network presented its first Report on realization of funds intended for sanation of consequences of 2014 floods in BiH. The public was informed on the results of activities of 23 civil society organizations, representatives of which worked on determining the renovation funds expenditure after the floods that were acquired through in-field supervision and in cooperation with the BiH authorities and the donor community.

The 'BRANA' Network representatives managed to gather data and analyze over 380 million BAM of funds invested in renovation, which is an important step in achieving full transparency of the process of their expenditure.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, as a member of the 'BRANA' Network, acted through its work in 7 municipalities: Ilidža, Isto?na Ilidža, Breza, Vogoš?a, Visoko, Kakanj and Vareš, and we have contributed to the transparency in distribution of funds from both national and international donors.

The floods that affected Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 caused damages and losses in total amount of 3,972,892,075.55 BAM which is 15% of the total GDP of our country.

From previous research, it can be concluded that the transparency of governmental institutions is, in total and related to the renovation process after the floods, not at a satisfactory level. For only 54% of the total funds realized over governmental institutions, are we informed exactly where and how they were spent.



As a member of the “BRANA” Network, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kakanj, held a public discussion on topic “Sanation and Renovation of Flooded Areas in Municipality of Kakanj”.


The aim of the public discussion was to improve the dialogue between the local authorities and citizens related to the renovation process, and all for the purpose of transparency in the renovation process after the disastrous floods that affected our country. The public discussion was attended by Hrusto Nurudin, the Assistant of the Mayor of Civil Protection, Sakib Kozlo, the President of the local community of Pope, and representatives of the Institute for Construction Mubera Omeragi? and Mirha Kulovi?. The visitors of the public discussion were the residents of the local communities and citizens who were affected by the last year’s floods.

During his address, Nurudin Hrusto, the Assistant of the Mayor of Civil Protection, discussed damage assessment in the whole municipality that exceeds 28 million BAM, which is the total estimate of the damage caused by the heavy rainfall in May 2014.

Representatives of the Institute for Construction and Urbanism of the Municipality of Kakanj, Mirha Kulovi? and Mubera Omeragi?, clarified what has been realized so far in the area of local communities of Pope and Zgoš?e, since most of the citizens were from precisely those local communities. In the local community of Pope the sewage infrastructure was destroyed and around 1,000 residents were in danger. The sewage was, as emphasized, reconstructed, but only partly. It was explained that the residents of the community do not allow for the pipes to be installed through their yards. In the local community of Zgoš?e, after the floods, a bridge in total value of 70,000 BAM was built. The requirement for a bridge to be build occurred after the old bridge had been destroyed due to water torrents in May 2014. The bridge enabled communication to be established with the Kakanj-Trš?e road and towards a part of the Zgoš?e community on the right side of the river bank. The building was financed by the UNDP and the Municipality of Kakanj.

In making plans for the future, it has been emphasized that the priority is to manage the river bed of the creek flowing through the Pope community that poses a threat for the nearby houses even after smaller rainfalls.

The following conclusions were brought during the Public Discussion:

- To reconstruct the industrial road going through the Pope community that was largely damaged after the floods in 2014, since there is already an existing order to perform works;

- To establish a better information system for the citizens of the Municipality of Kakanj about the sanation processes and the manner in which and where they can apply for donations;

- To finish the reconstruction of the sewage network in the local community of Pope;

- To call upon the citizens to allow the construction workers to use their land if the experts estimate that they do not pose a threat to their property located in that area;

- To act preventively in all the local communities so that the events from 2014 would not occur again - this referring to both the Public Institutions and the citizens of the Municipality of Kakanj;

- To organize quarterly meetings for the presidents of the local communities and the Mayor of the Municipality of Kakanj, where the burning issues of all the local communities would be discussed, as well as finding possible solutions and advices.