The Association KULT and the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA were honoured to host, together with GIZ, a group of 12 visitors from Nepal last Monday. Namely, the aim of the visit was for the guests to introduce themselves with the youth centre, its activities and planned form of realising the "Joint in Circuit" health project in our country. The same methodology adapted for requirements of their community has already been conducted in Nepal. As a part of the visit, a projection of 15-minute movies about implementing the "Joint in Circuit" methodology was organised in Nepal and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


The delegation of BiH is participating in the 18th International AIDS Conference in Vienna. The delegation consists of representatives of the German Society for technical Cooperation (GIZ) and 4 youth peer educators from Mili?i, Mrkonji? Grad, Sarajevo and IlidĹľa. The conference is organised from 18 to 23 July 2010 and gathers representatives of international organisations, governmental institutions, representatives of civil society organisations and numerous activists dedicated to preventing and overall fighting against this worldly disease, but other effects that it triggers such as discrimination, intollerance and inequality. 
Kenad Osmanovi? is representing KULT at the aforementioned conference.

The extremely detailed programme offers content to satisfy the numerous auditorium comprised of over 20,000 delegates from all continents. The conference was supported, besides the international organisations that focus on this issue, the ministries of health of European countries, the UN Agency and we particularly underline persons such as the General Secretary of the UN Ban Ki Mun, who addressed at the opening ceremony of the conference when he emphasized the importance of fighting against HIV/AIDS. Besides him, the former US President Bill Clinton also held a speech. He warned that it takes more funds to support prevention programmes and medical treatments. Also, the Conference was attended by the owner of Mycrosoft, Bill Gates, the Norwegian princess who is the leader in supporting youth activism, and her contribution to the whole promotion of the vision of a world without AIDS was made by the former frontwoman of the band Roxette, Marie Fredriksson.  

Vienna was truly in the spotlight these days. The streets are full of activists, speeches are held that invite to active participation of youth in prevention programmes, because over 60% of youth under 24 is HIV positive. 

"the significance of youth participation in BiH is very great because after the conference we will be able to apply acquired knowledge and information in our local communities and youth centres" - emphasized Ranka Kazimirovi? from Mili?i and Kenad Osmanovi? from IlidĹľa. According to Enesa feriz from Sarajevo and Njegoš Tomi? from Mrkonji? Grad, particular importance for them was that they had the opportunity to hold a presentation to numerous participants of the Conference to whom they presented their own experiences in the field of peer education on youth health through applying the innovative "Let's Sail Together!" interactive educational method. 
GTZ ­- youth health project is being implemented in BiH since 2008 in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in the Government of Republika Srpska and the Federal Ministry of Health.


Info-Point for Youth started working at SPAJALICA on 30 September at 12 PM. 
The opening ceremony was attended by: the President of SOS Kinderdorf, the Info-Point Coordinator at the SOS, Aida Lušni?ki? and Amra Boji?i? as representatives of the Municipality of IlidĹľa, representatives of several elementary and high schools from IlidĹľa and the President of the Association KULT Jasmin Beši?.  
Info-Point is a part of the GIZ health project, where peer educators provide information for their peers.  
The biggest section of the information relates to sexual and reproductive health, with plenty of brochures, fliers, CDs and contraception that youth are given free-of-charge. 
Included in the Info-Point is the computer with numerous information relating to the presented topics that are reusable and printed free-of-charge. 


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