High School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia students visited the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA today, where diligent educators presented them with the Let's Sail together! method. Namely, it is an interactive method that can serve a vast number of participants in a very short period of time, by having the participants visit stops with different topics, dividing them into groups and having every group visit every stop in a circular method. 

Youth educators presented the following three stops to their peers: risky behaviour, HIV/AIDS, condoms and contraception. Information on sexual and reproductive health are extremely important for youth. In order to act responsibly, youth have to be provided with accurate information. Additional information on youth sexual and reproductive health can be acquired in the Info-Point at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. 


Each year, on 1 December the World AIDS Day is celebrated. All over the world, different events are held that aim to raise awareness and achieve a better understanding of patients living with HIV. 

On 1 December, peer educators adequately commemorated this day as a part of the activities of Youth Strategy and in collaboration with Partnership in Health and the YPEER Network. In two high schools in IlidĹľa educational lessons were held on HIV, manners of infection, transmitting the virus and discrimination of patients living with HIV. In addition, in a part of this municipality two boots for education and information were set up, in which youth were provided with useful brochures and contraception. 

Abstinence is the best manner to protect oneself from HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If the partners have intercourse, the only manner to adequately protect themselves is to use contraception. The most available means of contraception are condoms. The primary measure of preventing AIDS is sexual education, which is of particular significance to youth entering the world of sex. All those in doubt of being in contact with the dangerous virus should be tested as soon as possible, because timely treatment prevents the spread of infection to others.


International Organisation for Migrations (IOM), on commemoration of its 60th anniversary, as well as the 16 years of conducting activities with the Swedish Medicine Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosted an event at the Centre of Armed Forces. On this occasion, an exhibition of photographies illustrating the long-term activities of the IOM was opened. 

On celebration of 60 years of its existance, the IOM prepared a publication dedicated to the central motto: "Migration for General Welfare". All those present had the opportunity to acquire the publication and see the course of people's struggle from the very beginning until today.  

General Director of IOM emphasized that, in a world that has more people mobile than has ever been recorded in history, the International Organisation for Migrations continues to - even after 60 years - aid migrants and support the dialogue between nations, in order to insure correct and humane reply to challenges and opportunities presenting people's mobility in the 21st century. 


Keeping in mind the significance of promoting awareness on HIV and AIDS prevention amongst youth of BiH, and fighting HIV and AIDS, the Institute for Youth Development KULT signed a memorandum on understanding with associations INFOHOUSE and VIBRACIJE (VIBRATIONS) as a part of the Love Caravan project.  

Through a series of TV shows aired on Federalna televizija (Federal Television) and Alternativna televizija (Alternative Television) Banja Luka, networking and media presentation of the most significant activities in the field of prevention and fighting HIV and AIDS, realised by the Info-Point for youth will be provided. 

Peer educator Nadir Hajri? replied in this show on the question Can a Person Contract HIV via a Needle?


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