The Youth at Risk Balkan conference was held in Belgrade from 28 to 29 February 2012. The conference provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences to improve the prevention and inclusive programmes of the region, improve youth representation, especially of those youth at risk and promote examples of good practice of the programme for decreasing youth at risk. The conference was attended by representatives of KULT, as a part of the Info-point for Youth

By creating councils - teams - work groups for youth at risk, that will consist of experts in the area, we will provide support to youth offices and serve as another connection between youth and the local authorities. This is not about creating new, unfunctional councils, but creating a unique body, the sustainability of which will be provided by responsible and motivated members who will cooperate, learn, exchange ideas and information, research requirements based on which they will make plans and deliver conclusions, guidelines, recommendations and a common action plan stated Ivan Ĺ˝ivkovi?, the Project Coordinator. 

Just as a reminder, as a part of the activities for Youth Strategy, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with Partnerships in Health and the YPEER Network, celebrated accordingly the 1 December, World AIDS Day.

Partnerships in Health is implementing the regional Youth at Risk, supported by the EU, and in cooperation with partnership organisations TOC from Serbia, Cazas from Montenegro, the Youth Council from Slovenia and local youth councils from 5 BiH municipalities (Banja Luka, Biha?, IlidĹľa, GoraĹľde i Fo?a). 


International Organisation for Migration (IOM) organised the third in a line of trainings on the topic of HIV/AIDS - manners of prevention and communication, including ethical issues related to migrants and the mobile population, held as a part of the Building National Capacities and Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS in BiH: Mobile Populations project at Blanca Resort Hotel in Vlaši?. The training included representatives of KULT, as a part of the Info-Point for Youth project.  

Understanding the vulnerability of migrants and the mobile population, the connections between mobility and the increased risk of HIV infection and other STDs as well as identifying appropriate strategies to prevent and fight the stigma and discrimination are issues of great relevance both for the NGO activism, and the media the influence of which might cause a better understanding, increase in empathy and reducing the stigma and discrimination in public through their reporting. 

The training participants were representatives of the NGOs, the media, and public relations of the Institute for Public Health and the Ministry of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experts in this training were representatives of the Italian National Institute of Health, the IOM Geneva and the IOM Rome. 

The project is financed by the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for BiH (GFATM), the funds in BiH are directed by the UNDP and the project is implemented by the International Organisation for Migrations. 


In the tenth jubilary episode of the Love Caravan the methodology of transferring knowledge entitled Let's sail together! was presented. The workshop was held on 28 December 2011 at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA with students of High School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia IlidĹľa. 

In addition, in this episode you can also watch how Nadir and Berina, peer educators of KULT met and how they sail on their love mission! All the interested youth can apply and become the face of the Love Caravan and more information on the topic is available at the end of he video clip. 

Love Caravan projectis realised by the associations of INFOHOUSE and VIBRACIJA (VIBRATION), with the Institute for Youth Development as the project partner.



At Hollywood Hotel, Partnerships in Health organised the "Youth at Risk" National Conference that aims to present the successfully implemented activities, connect youth councils from 5 municipalities and create a network of youth councils for the purpose of exchanging experiences and establishing potential cooperation and their future activities. 

For a reminder, as a part of the Youth Strategy activities, the Institute for Youth Development KULT in cooperation with Partnerships in Health and YPEER Network commemorated accordingly the 1 December, World AIDS Day. 

Partnerships in Health is implementing a regional project entitled "Youth at Risk" supported by the EU, in cooperation with the following partnership regional organisations: TOC form Serbia, Cazas from Montenegro, Youth Council from Slovenia and local Youth Councils from 5 municipalities in BiH (Banja Luka, Biha?, IlidĹľa, GoraĹľde and Fo?a).  


By attending Dejana Talk Show as guest-speakers, peer educators from the Institute for Youth Development KULT answered the question of how to efficiently protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Besides, they presented the proper manner of using a condom, as one of the most widespread and cheapest means of protection. 

The video is available here.


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