On commemoration of World Health Day, the Federal Minister of Education and Science Damir Maši? and the Director of XY Association officially marked the beginning of Learn Wherever You Can campaign. The campaign will be implemented in five regional centres in FBiH. The commemoration was attended by representatives of KULT as a part of the Info-Point for Youth project. 

The primary aim of the campaign is directed towards promoting healthy lifestyles among youth with particular emphasis on preventing substance abuse. Through interactive workshops, youth from the Federation will be able to educate themselves in an uncommon and untypical manner, discuss with their peers about these problems and learn valuable lessons, stated Maši?. 

Besides the aforementioned activities, the campaign includes a complete media promotion in FBiH and distributing informational and educational material. 


As a part of the "My Rights, My Decision" project, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂĽr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) with the support of Bayer HealthCare, today peer educators from KULT held a promo-campaign related to sexual and reproductive health in front of the Fourth Gymnasium from 12.00 to 2.00 PM. On this occasion, the peer educators handed out promo-material and transferred alarming facts to youth: that 50% of youth in BiH use no means of protection during intercourse, that there are prejudice towards the modern means of contraception, that around 80 million unwanted pregnancies occur annually... 

Sexual education does not only provide information on sexuality and protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy but affects confidence and teaches us how to respect ourselves, our body, our decisions and others. This type of education should prepare youth for a healthy and fulfilled life. 

In addition to being held in IlidĹľa, the campaign related to sexual and reproductive health was also realised in 20 other municipalities.  


79% of girls aged 14 to 25 have never seen a gynecologist for shame. Only 19% of youth know where to be tested anonymously for HIV in BiH and 50% of youth did not use a condom during their first intercourse. The research was conducted by the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ in 2010 on a sample of subjects aged 14 to 25. 

A campaign on sexual and reproductive health and youth in BiH is conducted as a part of the project "My Rights, My Decision" that is implemented by the German Society for International Development - Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂĽr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with the support of Bayer HealthCare through public and private partnership. On that occasion, peer educators of KULT held workshops on the following topics in high schools in IlidĹľa : puberty, anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system, contraception, types and methods of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. 

"My Rights, My Decision" is an awareness-raising project on reproductive health and rights of youth aged from 14 to 26 and the project will also include other youth-health-related topics such as preventing alcohol and cigarettes addiction, preventing violence and pursuing a ballanced diet, for the purpose of making healthy and right decisions. 


International Organisation for Migration (IOM) organised a study visit to Italy. The visit was attended by representatives of KULT as a part of the Info-Point for Youth project. 

The aim of the study visit to Italy is an exceptionally important part of the overall project goal of Activities in Building State Capacities and Raising Awareness of the Mobile Population on HIV/AIDS in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is related to extending the understanding and knowledge in the area of fighting HIV/AIDS through illustrations of good practices in reaching out to immigrants and mobile population. 

The visit is intended to enable and support establishing a network and cooperation with the Italian NGOs, media, experts in national health sector and hospitals that treat a vast number of HIV patients. Divided into 6 different groups, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Spallanzani Hospital, NGO LILA, La Repubblica daily, National Institute of Health of Italy, Bambino Gesu Hospital, the premises of Magliana - an outreach for intravenous substance abusers and sexual workers.

The study visit is a practical addition to training and improving the BiH NGOs in the area of HIV/AIDS, especially those in contact and working with mobile populations, increasing the knowledge of BiH media on HIV/AIDS, performing awareness-raising activities and fighting the stigma and discrimination as well as creating a sustainable network between NGOs, the media and the public health sector in BiH. 

This visit is a part of the project entitled Activities in Building State Capacities and Raising Awareness of the Mobile Population on HIV/AIDS in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented by the IOM Sarajevo. The project is financed by the Global Fund for Fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for BiH (GFATM), and the funds are being directed by the UNDP. 



In High School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia in IlidĹľa, peer education workshops were held that covered the topic of smoking, alcohol and drugs. The staff of this schooling institution recognised the significance of peer education for their students and therefore gladly responded to our call, which continued our cooperation within the "Info-Point for Youth" project.  

The students had the opportunity to learn more about the negative effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs. They were surprised by the fact that every smoked cigarette decreases the lifespan by 7 minutes and that consummation of great amounts of alcohol leads to a pathological process that affect brain functioning. 

The presentations were held during Biology lessons and lasted for an extent of the lesson. The students were introduced with the Info-Point as a place youth can visit and acquire more information on sexual and reproductive health. 


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