United Nations Population Fund BiH (UNFPA) and the Parliamentary Group for Population and Development BiH organised a round table on Sexual and reproductive health education and HIV risk behaviors among young people in BiH, at the Hotel Jelena in Br?ko. The goal of the round table was to promote and introduce the topics concerning sexual and reproductive health education into the school system.

The participants of this round table discussion were the representatives of the Youth Advisory Committee BiH, Youth Council of Republika Srpska, XY Association, Educational-Pedagogical Institute of Sarajevo Canton, Institute for Youth Development KULT, IPAK Mladost gradi budu?nost, KPZ Tuzla, DC Nove nade Biha?, Republican Pedagogic Institute of Republika Srpska, Ministry of Education, Science and Youth and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.



World Contraception Day is a health campaign with a mission to raise awareness of contraception to enable young people to make mature and right decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Under this year's motto Your life. Your future. Your contraception. we would like to remind you that young people have the right and the obligation to obtain accurate and impartial information concerning their health. My rights, my decision – the project implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit supported by Bayer HealthCare and peer educators from KULT, celebrated the World Contraception Day on 26 September. As part of the campaign, peer educators provided young people with promotional materials and information concerning their health. The project My rights, my decision promotes healthy lifestyles.


World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined smoking as an addictive disease. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Among people who have ever smoked, 50% started smoking regularly at age 18 or younger, and 22% believe that smoking is not a big risk.

KULT's peer educators celebrated World No Tobacco Day which took place on 31 May, supporting the worldwide campaign against smoking within the scope of the project "My Rights, My Decision," implemented by Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and supported by Bayer HealthCare. This event took place in the schoolyard of The Fourth Gymnasium Ilidza, from 12:00 to 14:00 hours. The peer educators distributed promotional materials and shared with young people alarming facts about cigarette smoke, cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes and that each cigarette shortens the life of the smoker by around 7 minutes.

Those who have tried to quit smoking know that this cannot be done easily. However, let this day be the opportunity for all smokers to think about harmful consequences of cigarette smoking and whether this habit is worth damaging their health and the health of people surrounding them.


International Organisation for Migration (IOM) organised the fifth of a series of training courses on HIV/AIDS Mass Media Communication under the project HIV/AIDS National Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mobile Populations, in the Hotel Since, Neum. The training course was attended by the representatives of KULT who were present as part of the project Info-point for youth.

The training course included a number of aspects of mass media communication, ranging from approaching the issue of reporting on HIV/AIDS, especially in relation to mobile populations, to a final designed mutual communication plan (information campaigns) needed for the purpose of promoting large-scale Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT) among mobile populations.

The experts at this training course were Paolo Saraca Vopini, an Italian journalist and a Spokesman for the Commission of the European Union, Stefano Volpicelli, an independent Senior Lecturer with extensive experience with the IOM in Rome, and Germano Calvi, a Psychologist and a Communication Expert from the international agency network for communication, NS&L Group.

The Project is financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for BiH (GFATM), the funds in BiH are managed by the UNDP, and the Project is being implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).



Institute for Public Health FBiH delivered the TOT training course on developing good quality training projects in the context of Cooperation between the Government Sector and NGOs in Response to HIV, from 21 and 24 May, at the Hotel Sarajevo. It is widely known that cooperation between the Government Sector (GS) and NGOs is unavoidable in order to address many problems of a country. Such cooperation in the health sector, particularly in terms of HIV/AIDS projects, could be highlighted as an example of good practice.

The training course aims at refreshing the participants’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS, teaching them something new, and providing them with the necessary skills and competencies to become trainers themselves. The training course was facilitated by Dr. Anisa Bajramovic, Dr. Danijela Ovcina, Emina Pasic, Diana Simanic, Jasna Sofovic, Nihad Penava and Haris Kadribasic. The training course was also attended by the representatives of KULT within the Info-Point for Youth activity scope.


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