Today in SPAJALICA, certificates were awarded to participants of the training course for peer educators who took part in the "Info Point" project of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.


This week, SPAJALICA resonated with the voices, laughter and activities of 20 young people, future peer educators, who have been learning and working hard over the last 5 days. The Peer educator training course is only one of the activities within the Info Point project which is active once again, and in full force. 


Volunteers of the Institute for Youth Development KULT commemorated the World AIDS Day on 1 December, through cooperation with Partnerships in Health and YPERR Network. As part of the activities conducted within the Youth Strategy, the HIV prevention education course was delivered at The Fourth High School in IlidĹľa. Moreover, two information booths were positioned so as to provide passersby with the corresponding information and educational materials.


GRB in Triangle of Power Conference is organised and on Friday, December 20 2013 implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT within the initiative Gender-Responsive Budgeting for Youth. After the process began with a dialogue with local authorities and associations from Serbia, Croatia and BiH, it continued with the training programme in three modules, realisation of local civil initiatives in 9 local communities of the three aforementioned region countries and concluded with this conference.  


Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Association Alhemija from Sarajevo organised a Round Table as part of the project Heroin, on 16 November, in the Multimedia Room of the former cinema Igman, in IlidĹľa. The highlight of this event was a documentary film I want to wake up which was presented to the guests. Heroin is a project supported by UNDP and is dedicated to the prevention of drug addiction, and is intended primarily for the population of pupils and students.



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