World Contraception Day Lecture

On World Contraception Day, 26 September, the Institute for Youth Development KULT invited students of the IV Gymnasium to a lecture related to reproductive health care and raising awareness of youth on the issue of sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. 

The students had the opportunity to discuss with the facilitators on the topics directly related to their health, reproductive in particular and acquire accurate and reliable information on how to protect themselves from all the factors that affect their health and especially reproductive health. 

Also, they had the opportunity to openly discuss puberty and developmental stages of young men and women. Topics such as puberty, intimate hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases and preventing STDs made this workshop complete with all the information that can aid in raising awareness of youth regarding these dangers, but also informed them on how to preserve their health and what lifestyles they should acquire. 

World Contraception Day is a regular annual event that has been celebrated since 2007 on every 26 September, when numerous countries all over the world organise different events to indicate the improvements in sexual and reproductive health education. 

This year's World Contraception Day is conducted under the slogan YOUR DECISION!, aiming to encourage youth to accept responsibility for contraception and introduce themselves with all the options of protection available.  


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