The “Coffee Time with… UMiD Training Attendants” session will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2016, at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA in Ilidža.

Mirela Geko, a member of the Youth Council of FBiH and of the local and cantonal council who has several years of experience as a youth work activist will be discussing youth activism with the training attendants.

Mirela will try and answer some of the most common questions of youth, such as: Why activism?; How to start?; What are the challenges?; Can I do that in my community?; How?; Who can help me?. The aim is to motivate youth in finding partners and strengthening themselves in individual work on youth actions at their local communities.


“Coffee Time with…” starts at 1:30 pm, and 20 youth from different municipalities in BiH will be participating.  

The session is open to all interested youth who wish to engage themselves in improving the living conditions in their communities.

UMiD – Learn, Think and Act! is a 1-year training program for youth leaders for their active engagement in the social community and the business world.

Among other things, the training provides the attendants with a possibility to acquire confidence, view their abilities and develop a sense of responsibility in the society and skills of managing and performing business. This training is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of Sarajevo Canton and by numerous municipalities in BiH. 


On World Contraception Day, 26 September, the Institute for Youth Development KULT invited students of the IV Gymnasium to a lecture related to reproductive health care and raising awareness of youth on the issue of sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. 

The students had the opportunity to discuss with the facilitators on the topics directly related to their health, reproductive in particular and acquire accurate and reliable information on how to protect themselves from all the factors that affect their health and especially reproductive health. 

Also, they had the opportunity to openly discuss puberty and developmental stages of young men and women. Topics such as puberty, intimate hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases and preventing STDs made this workshop complete with all the information that can aid in raising awareness of youth regarding these dangers, but also informed them on how to preserve their health and what lifestyles they should acquire. 

World Contraception Day is a regular annual event that has been celebrated since 2007 on every 26 September, when numerous countries all over the world organise different events to indicate the improvements in sexual and reproductive health education. 

This year's World Contraception Day is conducted under the slogan YOUR DECISION!, aiming to encourage youth to accept responsibility for contraception and introduce themselves with all the options of protection available.  


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The 5th training module of "Expert Training and Networking for Preventing Addiction in Working with Youth in BiH 2014-2016" project that this time gathered 17 representatives of the civil society organisations in BiH was held from 28 to 31 October at Maršal Hotel on Bjelašnica. 

The module entitled "Communication, Marketing and Lobbying in Area of Prevention and Health Improvement" was headed by Zlatko Sari?, a trainer and consultant from Mostar, whose facilitation enabled the participants to adopt basic skills of public advocacy to be used in the upcoming campaign. 

Beside the aforementioned skills included in this module, the participants developed a concrete action plan for preparing the finishing event as a part of the JUPPO project to be held in September of the following year. For that purpose, adequate working teams were formed and concrete tasks were assigned. Thus, the first step was made towards potentially establishing a network of civil society organisations that work with youth in the area of preventing addiction and promoting healthy lifestyles. 

"I believe that after this module we are at least one step closer to our end goal, which is to establish coordination mechanisms between governmental institutions and civil society organisations in the field of preventing addiction among youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The biggest part of work is still ahead of us, but I feel optimistic that we will succeed", emphasized Magdalena  Schildknecht, the NARCO-NO Association Project Coordinator.

The following, penultimate training module of this project is entitled "Joint Responsibility Project Management" and it will be held in the beginning of December of this year. The training was attended by a representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

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As a part of the JUPPO Project - Expert Training and Structural Networking as Key Actors in Preventing Addiction in BiH, the 4th module entitled Pedagogy of Experience and Environment II was held on Bjelašnica at Maršal Hotel from 15 to 18 September 2015. The trainers of the module were Beate Einetter from Klagenfurt and Ewald SpieĂźmayr-Bernardino from Ansfeldena in Austria. On the fourth-in-a-row module of Pedagogy of Experience II of the JUPPO Project we had the opportunity not only to learn and participate in all the exercises and activities that the trainers had prepared for us in practice, but also to place ourselves in a different, new role. This role is well-known to all of us and is an integral part of our everyday lives, but during the JUPPO module, this was the first opportunity to try and prove ourselves in the role of a Trainer/Activity Manager. 

All the participants had the task of managing activities, and then reflect on them, which was proven to be very successful precisely because we managed to overcome all the challenges. We performed outdoor exercises; a treasure hunt, candid camera, croc swamp, ballancing a ball, a maze of challenges, water as the source of life. True, some of the challenges we didn't overcome entirely, but that is also a part of the learning process. As a group and individually we experienced the first peak of teamwork which we practically confirmed by climbing the peak of Bjelašnica. High up we also focused on the future peaks of teamwork, i.e. structural networking of our central organisations. The Project is realised by the Association for Preventing Addiction NARKO-NO from Sarajevo.  


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