Youth Are the Heart of Sarajevo!

Mladi su srce Sarajeva

Youth truly are the heart of Sarajevo and 50 young people showed exactly why when they supported Sarajevo’s candidacy for the European Youth Capital 2026. 

Two events called “Youth Are the Heart of Sarajevo” gathered representatives of youth organizations on the first day, and Sarajevo youth on the second day. These young people worked together to come up with ways to improve the lives of youth in Sarajevo. They identified the main problems faced by youth in the capital, and suggested some potential ways to address them.

These events were intended for young people who think about the problems their peers face and who want to take action and put their creative ideas in motion to make Sarajevo more youth-friendly. They discussed ways to include young people in decision-making processes, the activities and responsibilities of institutions, the promotion of activism, volunteering and youth work, and ways to make culture more accessible to youth. The goal is to bring real change that youth will notice.

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After the discussions, it was clear that all initiatives have a common goal - make Sarajevo a better place for all of us. Youth found the topics very engaging and offered a set of ideas and activities that will be included in the program Sarajevo will offer in the application for the prestigious title of European Youth Capital 2026, on February 6, 2023.

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The City of Sarajevo is submitting the application together with Sarajevo municipalities, in partnership with the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the ZORA Association. We have had the indispensable support of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, the Youth Council of the Municipality of Stari Grad, the Youth Council of Novi Grad and the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Numerous youth organizations and organizations that work with youth in Sarajevo Canton have been supporting this candidacy, motivating Sarajevo youth to join forces and make their city vibrant with youthful energy.