It's Time for a New Generation of Youth Workers

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Youth work was the topic of the first part of the Training for Expert Youth Work Associates, more commonly known as youth workers.

20 participants from 13 communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina learned about the types and mechanisms of youth work and the levels at which youth work can be conducted.

Participants of this year’s training come from different organizations and work with youth in different ways, including concrete activities with and for youth.

The first part of the training was held from June 25 to June 29, 2019 in Sarajevo.

The training for expert associates on youth work comprises four training modules, practical work and testing. The topics are: youth work, communication with youth, social competences and organizational skills in youth work.

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Interactive work, non-formal education methods, experiential learning and exchange of experience will also be features of the training. In addition to the working sections, the training will provide content that allows the participants to exchange professional end personal experience and socialize.

Expert associates on youth work, more commonly known as youth workers, are persons employed at youth centers, youth clubs, youth organizations, organizations working with youth or public institutions that support youth development. An expert associates on youth work supports the professional, personal and educational development of young people. By working with youth on different ideas and initiatives, expert associates on youth work join forces with youth in improving their communities.

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