Young entrepreneurs from Bosanska Krupa, Selma Oki? and Alija Jusi?, signed contracts today with the Municipality on financing their start-up businesses. Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, as one of the participants of the Youth Start-Up Businesses Initiative supported by the local communities, with the technical assistance of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, provided an opportunity to youth in the local community to educate themselves in writing business plans and offered funds and advisory support to youth who see their future in self-employment.

Youth Start-Up Businesses Initiative aims at introducing insitutional mechanisms to support youth self-employment as a sustainable form of employment through providing financial and advisory aid to youth interested in self-employment.

The Institute continues to conduct activities related to the Initiative, cooperating with municipalities interested in introducing a detailed and developed mechanism of support to youth entrepreneurs and with youth who wish to turn their idea into a business plan, and, with the help of their Municipality, start a sustainable and successful start-up business.

The Initiative is supported as a part of the Youth Employment Project (YEP) that is being realised with the support of the Swiss Government.

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Pursuant to the Fund expenditure programme for incentivising the development of entrepreneurship and crafts, developed for the 2015 Budget of Kakanj Municipality, the Municipality published a call for incentives for the development of entrepreneurship and crafts in 2015.

This call provides all entrepreneurs, including youth entrepreneurs with startup businesses, with an opportunity to get a refund of the money invested in registering their business, and other expenses related to starting a business, thus encouraging entrepreneurs to persevere on the market.

More information about the call and the funds expenditure programme with all the criteria for applying is available on the Municipality's website.


Federal Employment Agency issued public calls at their website for participating in the 2015 Programme of Co-Financing Self-Employment and Co-Financing First Working Experience, 2015 Start Up Self-Employment Programme and 2015 Public Works Programme.

These active employment policy measures will be realised with the purpose of co-financing employment and self-employment of persons from the FBiH unemployment records, with particular regards to social, gender and other types of sensitivity, and for strengthening their competence in the labor market, preventing long-term unemployment and a faster integration into the labor market. 

The programmes will be realised in cooperation with the cantonal emplyoment services, and you may apply exclusively via Federal Employment Agency website.

More information can be found here


The topic of the 7th youth employment forum that the Youth Employment Project (YEP) with the support of the Swiss Government organised on 12 March 2015 in Jahorina was: What are the opportunities that can be provided for the youth in the BiH circumstances and that are in the spirit of the EU programme "A guarantee for the Youth".

The forum served for the participants as a platform for discussing the models of partnership that would lead to more efficient youth employment programmes, by providing training, expert practice, internship or employment. During the forum, the experiences were exchanged between numerous stakeholders in the youth sector, such as the representatives of the public employment services, local management, employers, NGOs but also international donors.

The starting point of the discussion were the results of the YEP Local Initiative Programme that was initiated after the 4th Youth Employment Forum had been held in the same location over a year ago.

Amongst the recommendations of the new panel speakers there is the necessity of addressing the lack of information amongst the youth and their passiveness and working on establishing the legal and system framework to provide employment opportunities for the youth. The bulletin emphasizes that the recipe for successful youth employment are local initiative programmes, such as the Youth Startup Businesses financed by the local communities, in which the Institute for Youth Employment KULT together with 10 local communities worked, and continues to, for the purpose of promoting youth self-employment through initiating startup businesses.

You can read more about the conclusions and recommendations in the Bulletin of the 7th Youth Employment Forum: A guarantee for the future.