Support to 12 Local Initiatives

The Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the realization of local civic initiatives in 12 local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Contracts on awarding funds were signed with organizations that will be conducting the activities of building and reconstructing playgrounds, decorating parks and organizing cultural and sports activities in local communities, at the Institute on July 19, 2016, and all for the purpose of additionally engaging youth in local communities and persuading them in their opportunities for inclusion in social trends.

Contracts were signed with the following associations: “Bosansko selo” from Srebrenik, the Youth Council of Stari Grad Municipality from Sarajevo, “Youth Resource Center” from Tuzla, “INPUT” from Zenica, “Youth Volunteers” from Visoko, “OKPIS” from Jablanica, “EKO MLADI” from Busova?a, “MB Live” from Doboj Istok, “Youth Association” from Kneževo, the Youth Council of the City of Mostar, “Green Council” from Sarajevo and the “Youth Association” from Bužim.


The support to the realization of the local civic initiatives is being realized as a part of the “UMiD Online” project, implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, and the residents of these 12 local BiH communities will also have an opportunity to introduce themselves with the concept of the training and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

As emphasized by the representatives of the associations with whom the contracts were signed, this form of support is important to them because the awarded funds will aid them significantly in improving the conditions at their local communities.

All the activities planned under the initiative will be realized by October 2016.




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