13th UMiD Online Training Module Available for Youth

The 13th Module of UMiD Online Training is available to youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This Module focuses on reducing and fighting against discrimination. The course is based on the best practices of learning about the notion of discrimination and is adapted to youth who could and should become the actors of the process of reducing and fighting against discrimination. 

Diskrimination is a complex term that manifests in many forms. Getting to know different patterns, forms and consequences of discrimination is a time-consuming process. The course offers relevant initial information that provide guidelines for the continuation of this process.

The 13th Module was developed with the support of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

umid online slika

The aim of UMiD Online training is to provide an opportunity for youth to use the latest online educational trends to develop skills of public presentation, build a constructive political dialogue with the authorities and influence on the increase of responsibility of the authorities towards youth. 

In this manner, youth will contribute to positive social changes and acquire experience in the decision-making process through involvement in democratic processes. After the training, the attendants will become youth leaders and represent a driving force of their local communities.