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In a little over a month, the Institute for Youth Development KULT and our local partners received more than 650 requests for devices that would allow students to continue their school year online. We received requests from all parts of the country, and some came from Bileća, a small town in East Herzegovina. Several of the Institute’s employees spent the day with Bileća students and donated 14 laptops and 2 desktop computers. All the computers were given directly to students who will be using them, and will keep them even after they’re back in their classrooms.

Online classes are a challenge to students and teaching staff across BiH since they are faced with a lack of adequate technical equipment that would allow them to organize and take part in online classes. That’s why the Institute for Youth Development KULT launched the initiative “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” to provide as many marginalized students as possible with the technical equipment they need to attend online classes.

Donacija laptopa u Zenici

Virtual learning successfully enforces physical distancing among teaching staff and students. While necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach has caused some problems as well. Hundreds of students across BiH lack appropriate devices to access online classes, which prompted the Institute for Youth Development KULT to launch the “Education for All” initiative, and provide the necessary equipment to as many students as possible.

Oprema za 100 učenika

From today, one hundred children from marginalized families will be able to attend their online classes, thanks to the initiative “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with local partners. Open Society Foundation BiH supported the initiative by donating 100 laptops for students in 9th year of elementary school, and the first three years of high school.

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