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Youth policy is a comprehensive collection of institutional mechanisms for governmental care for youth. During the third module, the 15th generation of the Institute’s Learn, Think and Act! training for youth leaders talked about current mechanisms and their implementation in different communities.

Through interactive work, non-formal education methods and experiential learning, the participants learned about mechanisms set out in the Youth Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Youth Law of Brčko District, and Law on Youth Organizing of Republika Srpska.

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Ismar Lačević is the young entrepreneur behind Adam - a digital alternative to the conventional printed business card. Adam is more than a digital business card - it’s the digital counterpart of the conventional concept of exchanging business cards. It renders physical copies of business cards redundant by storing all business cards into an app.

In addition to being innovative, Ismar notes that the Adam card is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need to use physical copies of business cards. Adam is not limited geographically - it’s available worldwide. One of the main goals going forward is programming the app to network bundle several cards, such as parking cards, loyalty cards, key cards, into one.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in BiH is supporting the development of Adam card, which is expected to launch within the next month.
“With the support we received from the Institute we managed to overcome the last few obstacles and accelerate the launch so that our customers, whether companies or individuals, have access to Adam as soon as possible”, said Ismar.

More information about the Adam card is available on their website:

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Pollution in the capital of BiH, and other cities has been hazardous for days now, and BiH cities are among the most polluted in the world. For 6 ut of the last 7 days the air in Sarajevo was hazardous, and for the 1 remaining day it was rated as very unhealthy. This is the data from air pollution monitors available on the online platform of EkoAkcija.

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As a senior of a medical high school in Tuzla, Kenan Suljić is acutely aware of the importance of mental health of the people of BiH. Kenan and his team are developing an app designed to fight depression. It is called D-app, and its authors say it’s the first such app in the world that’s connected with the healthcare system.

“Users of the app will directly communicate with experts, and can receive the kind of service they would get in a doctor’s office”, says Kenan. Then, Kenan says, the experts will review the information they received through the app and decide on the next step and treatment for the user.

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The Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees of Sarajevo Canton signed a contract with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, enabling all public institutions and ministries in the Canton to become accredited providers of long-term volunteering.   

According to the Law on Volunteering of FBiH, long-term volunteering in your profession is considered work experience. Volunteering is considered long-term if you volunteer at least 240 hours over a course of 3 months continuously. Since there are 6000 young people in Sarajevo Canton with no work experience, the Government of Sarajevo Canton adopted a decision mandating that all public institutions and ministries in Sarajevo Canton complete the process of accreditation for long-term volunteering, in order to provide these young people with opportunities for gaining work experience. The Institute for youth development KULT will provide advisory support to the Government of Sarajevo Canton and help institutions through the accreditation process.

“This is the first time the entire Canton entered an accreditation process at this level, it’s a unique situation in FBiH”, said Minister Malik Garibija, adding that the accreditation process will allow young people to gain work experience, which will then help them find their first job.

Executive Director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, Mr. Jasmin Bešić, stated that volunteer work is an entirely voluntary activity and cannot be mandated in any way. He also noted that it’s important to be aware of the distinction between work experience and pensionable service, and that long-term volunteering does not qualify as pensionable service.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is inviting all young people from Sarajevo Canton to take advantage of what the law is offering, and gain their first work experience in 2020.

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