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People who perform at the top of their field are acutely aware of the importance and role of discipline in their success. Amel Tuka, our best athlete and one of the best runners in the world, is one of these people. Amel spent the afternoon with our little participants of the UMiD Kids training, teaching them about the importance of discipline in life.

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Orange Day, a day dedicated to eliminating violence against women and girls, is celebrated worldwide on the 25th day of every month. It’s important to note that physical violence is not the only type of violence inflicted on women, and far from the only way of making women feel neglected, betrayed, denied human rights. According to data from the Agency for Gender Equality, 52.8% of women suffered some form of violence. Although there are some statistical data, it isn’t enough to be precise.

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The 16th generation of the Learn, Think and Act! training for young leaders spent the last weekend (June 11-13) at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA learning about youth policies. This was the first module held in Spajalica after the COVID-19 pandemic made in-person gatherings impossible for a while.


Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA hosted the 5th and 6th module of the UMiD Kids training. After all the online learning and socializing on video, we were all excited about spending time together again. The 27 participants of these two modules were divided into two groups so we can comply with physical distancing rules, but we all learned about the same topics - Love, Respect and Empathy.

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