Modul IV 2

Our hard-working, ambitious, and motivated participants of the Learn, Think and Act! training for young leaders, generation 16, continued with their online modules. The fourth training module (second online module) focused on public advocacy and lobbying. During three days of online training, the participants learned about the steps in public advocacy, methods, and techniques and how they can create their own advocacy initiatives.

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The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Movement Dođi sebi issued a call for essays entitled NISI SAMA (You are not alone), to celebrate Orange Day in April 2020. The contest was held entirely online, due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The authors used essays to send a message of support to victims of violence.


The COVID-19 pandemic has the entire world facing different challenges, living in isolation and practicing physical distancing. Cultural institutions, schools, universities, parks and entertainment venues are abandoned and taking a break from its usual patrons. Teaching staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina and across the world are doing their utmost to make sure that their students get the education they need. The Institute for Youth Development KULT supports formal education, but is also aware of the importance of non-formal education. We have therefore continued with our Learn, Think and Act! training for generation 16, this time with an online module.

During the Learn, Think and Act! for kids, our youngest participants showed us how important learning is. During this module, 26 children from Sarajevo Canton spent some time together learning helpful techniques for studying, memorizing information and communication. Due to the current coronavirus prevention measures, we met our young participants online. According to their parents, it was a fun and educational experience: What I heard was interesting for us adults too. They use very practical methods for memorizing information.

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