Organisation's culture

In each area where we have an office, KULT has been pursuing efforts to implement activities which are needed by the target group in that very area. In order to determine our focus and direction, we deliver annual planning workshops.


In addition to employees and part-time associates, KULT's activities are supported and implemented by more than 30 active volunteers. KULT has founded the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth called SPAJALICA (English-paperclip) that incorporates a youth hostel. The hostel accommodates fourteen persons in two bedrooms, one 8-bed and one 6-bed room.

KULT has an Assembly as the top management body and Administration as the body of executive power. Decisions are made on a team basis, including both staff and volunteers.

Each year, KULT holds its annual planning session and periodically its strategic planning session. All team members are involved in planning (staff and the representatives of volunteers) to ensure a high level of participation and involvement in decision making processes.

We pay a lot of attention to the monitoring of activities within each project.