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Institute for Youth Development KULT was founded at the national level in 2002 under the name Association KULT, and it continued conducting its activities under this name until May 2011. In addition to the Head Office in Sarajevo, we also have an Office in the Brčko District of BiH and in Gradačac, which have retained the original name. Our cooperation with the governmental authorities is very effective and is based on a partnership. In all the communities where we have our offices, KULT has been trying to implement activities needed by the target group in that very area. In order to determine our focus and direction, we deliver annual planning workshops. We strive to establish good cooperation with the municipal authorities, and with various national and international organisations, in order to prevent repetition or overlapping of projects. More often than not, funds from the municipal budgets are granted to KULT to implement activities at that level. Larger scale projects, reaching beyond the municipalities where we have our offices, have been so far funded by international organisations.

KULT is experienced in drafting legal documents and regulations, and has been involved in producing many draft laws at all levels of government. In addition, we initiated adoption of the Youth Law in the Federation of BiH and in the Brčko District of BiH. We have drafted youth laws with the assistance of other organisations. Then, working in cooperation with the Federation's Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues with the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliamentary Assembly, we submitted it to the parliamentary procedure. Eventually, this Law was adopted.

Ever since the Association was founded, through various non-formal training activities, counselling, monitoring, up-bringing, courses, seminars, simulation and gaming, workshops aimed at addressing problems, round table discussions, brochures, working materials etc., we have been assisting youth, associations, non-formal groups and other interested parties to become the recognised members in the society, and who are ready to take the responsibility and make efforts to improve the living conditions.

Institute for Youth Development KULT is the founder of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth called SPAJALICA, (English-paperclip), in Ilidža.

All of our activities to date have been closely related to the development of civic society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our actions are based on cooperation with the governmental authorities (and the possibility for an active participation/involvement), with the citizens (youth primarily), and also with other influential and active associations, individuals and institutions (e.g. social welfare centres, employment bureaus, etc.).

During these years of work, we have held numerous round table discussions throughout BiH to discuss the recognition of non-formal education, possibilities of youth involvement, introduction of local programs and opportunities adjusted to youth, etc. Apart from this, we have delivered countless training courses on the following issues: volunteer work, civic engagement, tolerance, public relations, democracy, the European Union, mental health, etc.

It is important to note our on-street campaign on the issue of a partnership between youth and the municipal authorities (Mayor), in the form of mute performance, which has been played countless times not only in Sarajevo but in other cities as well. This performance has become KULT's regular activity and it is improved and adjusted to the circumstances annually.

Institute for Youth Development KULT is a member of the following networks:

-          Youth Network in BiH

-          NGO Council (Member of the Managing Board since April 2011)

-          Sporazum PLUS (Agreement Plus)


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